This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for and Goldfuss & Assoc. Quality Auctioneering Services.

Information Collection and Use:
Information collected from any page on our site is only accessible to authorized personnel of Goldfuss & Assoc. Quality Auctioneering Services. We will not sell, share or rent this information to other individuals or organizations. Below are some brief explanations of why the information is collected and the purpose it serves.

EMAIL notification mailing list
Goldfuss & Assoc. collects very limited information from our visitors for the sole purpose of providing e-mail notifications of our scheduled auctions.

Absentee bid placement via EMAIL to our secure server site
Goldfuss & Assoc. collects more information on this page in order to execute a bidder's request to place a bid on item(s) being presented in an auction which they can not attend. The most noteworthy item about this collected information is that the Credit Card information is not kept in any type of a database therefore insuring that no one can access it for future use nor can hackers retrieve it online. When you see a picture of a lock in the listing of an auction you will know that this option is available for your use.
NOTE: All submitted absentee bids using this form must be received/timestamped by 10:00 AM EST the day of the auction date in order to be executed during the auction. To know if an auction has this capability look for this symbol: